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More about the Mini Mess Montessori Story

I am a trained Montessori teacher and founder of Mini Mess Montessori, which began in 2015.  After leaving teaching to have my own family, and running evening classes in 'Empowered Parenting' I then created this platform as a bridge between the home and the classroom and paved a way to use both the Montessori philosophy and creativity to engage children in new and inspiring ways.  I started with themed weekly classes in my home studio that grew into birthdays, events and sessions in schools for nursery and reception.  After 5 years Covid-19 changed everything for so many people worldwide! Having to think outside of the box, like all other small businesses, I offered a delivery 'take away' service that encompassed the essence of the class in peoples homes. From here a Sensory Play product range has emerged, which I am very excited about and will continue to develop.

Above all Montessori is a philosophy, a way of thinking and a set of values that can provide an approach to life and parenting. You will often see quotes like "Follow the child" and "The hand is the path way to the brain" and "What the hand does the mind remembers".  In practical terms this means giving children the freedom within your parental boundaries to 'move' and 'do' as much as possible, to engage and connect the brain to develop.  At MMM we do that through the children's senses and provide as much experience as possible.

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